Saint John, New Brunswick is Atlantic Canada’s leading streetscape city. Since the era of Urban Renewal in the 1960s, civic leaders have made streetscaping an integral part of their vision for civic improvement. Video: Published to YouTube Sept 10, 2014 Photo: King St., City of Saint John In 1962 at the opening of the newly constructed Crown Street, local newspaper the Evening Times Globe boasted “with underground utility lines” (ETG 20… Read More

Canada’s most prestigious shopping districts are embracing the power of building beautiful and Streetscaping! Toronto’s Bloor and Yorkville Streets as well as Montreal’s Saint Catherine Street are being rebuilt, repurposed and reimagined into truly wonderful places where people can shop, dine, relax, work and live.  Video of Yorkville by Bosley Real Estate published to YouTube July 15, 2013 The streetscaping of the Bloor-Yorkville shopping district began in the fall of 2007. City officials were undertaking watermain replacements along… Read More

Photo:  Coal Harbour, Vancouver 2013 AJG Conveniently, for those of us who still occasionally count with our fingers, there are only 5 elements to streetscaping. If you Google the word streetscape or streetscaping hundreds of images come up showing all kinds of beautiful computer renderings of streetscape plans and designs. Look at these plans and look for the 5 elements in practically infinite variety. The 5 elements must not be considered sequentially, but… Read More

GREEN STREETS Photo: Vancouver, B.C. AJG Create a Green City plan and engage the public Vancouver greenest-city-action-plan Learn from the leaders Vancouver Green rating by Siemans Understand the benefits Plant trees on every street in every city, town and village. Trees are the centerpiece of green cities and green streets. They filter the air, sequester carbon, stabilize soil, retain water and provide shade and habitat for all living things. They… Read More

This is a timeline history of Streetscaping in Canada.  It is meant as a very general overview of some of the key influences creating our modern view of city building and the street. This is an on-going work and any suggestions or additions are welcome! Streetscape Canada 7500 BC Catalhoyuk, Turkey site of Neolithic city. There were no streets, people walked across top of houses and entered from the roof   Artist rendering Dan Lewandowski…. Read More

The stars are aligning and momentum is building to make 2015 the year of the street! In this federal election year Ottawa is projecting its long awaited budget surplus. Governments at all levels are asking what investments yield the most jobs quickly and can sustainably provide the foundation for further growth and investment? Our answer at StreetscapeCanada is look to the streets! They are the veins and arteries of our economy and society…. Read More

You can actually count on one hand the number of Atlantic Canadian communities that have shown the leadership and embraced the ideals of streetscaping which are the secret to building beautiful cities, towns and villages.  These Cities and Towns have created Municipal plans, or Bylaws or at least required streetscape elements in their development agreements which have directed developers to underground utility lines and plant street trees. These Cities and Towns are… Read More