Photo:  Ville de Montreal Montreal has long been Canada’s leading streetscape city.  Since the nineteenth century civic and business leaders like Sir William Van Horne President of CP Rail and President of the Montreal Plan Commission, looked to international leaders of design to help build their incredible city.  Montreal’s wonderful Mount Royal Park was designed by New York’s Frederick Law Olmstead. It’s glorious tree lined streets were inspired by Chicago’s City Beautiful Movement and… Read More

This is a timeline history of Streetscaping in Canada.  It is meant as a very general overview of some of the key influences creating our modern view of city building and the street. This is an on-going work and any suggestions or additions are welcome! Streetscape Canada 7500 BC Catalhoyuk, Turkey site of Neolithic city. There were no streets, people walked across top of houses and entered from the roof   Artist rendering Dan Lewandowski…. Read More

Chicago has long been a leader in urban design, architecture and streetscaping. The “City Beautiful Movement” was introduced here in 1893 at the Chicago Exposition also called the Columbian Exposition celebrating the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ landing in the Americas. While the City Beautiful Movement was far from perfect, it introduced cities throughout North America to the importance of streetscape design and in particular tree lined streets and boulevards cleared of “overhead wires”. Key… Read More

The stars are aligning and momentum is building to make 2015 the year of the street! In this federal election year Ottawa is projecting its long awaited budget surplus. Governments at all levels are asking what investments yield the most jobs quickly and can sustainably provide the foundation for further growth and investment? Our answer at StreetscapeCanada is look to the streets! They are the veins and arteries of our economy and society…. Read More